10 pieces of advice on how to make up after a fight

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 6 months ago
  1. Provide a dose of pleasure

You know that the environment around you and your partner has a huge impact on your relationship. So why not make it cozy and comfortable? A negative or tensed atmosphere can turn a minor disagreement into a huge fight in a couple of seconds. Let’s say if you are at a place where there is no privacy or has a lot of hustle and bustle, you will more likely to experience a drastic fight in such a crowded place. In such a situation use your brain and get your hand on something that can distract and calm your nerves, like a glass of your favorite drink?

Or a chocolate with all its sweetness can work like a magic and can help you getting a better manage the disagreement in a better way. And come on, you don’t want to get into a fight in front of everyone, do you? It’s always better to discuss the differences in private with calm environment as well as a cool temper.

  1. Think from your partner’s perspective

Let’s face it, you always generalize things and associate them with your partner’s traits like, if he didn’t do the dishes, you’ll be like he is a mean guy and he never helps me in the kitchen. Now that’s really mean and selfish of you. It will damage your relationship in the long-term. Now do something that’s really hard and almost impossible. Put yourself in your partner’s shoe, think from his/her point of view and try to understand their perspective.

May be he didn’t do the dishes because he had a hectic and busy day at his work place and he really needs to take some rest. Obviously he can have a rough day more often, just don’t generalize it and associate it with other things. Try to understand and manage things in a polite and easy way for the sake of your relationship and its success. I’m sure that is not going to be hard because your love is stronger than your little issues. - Continue reading on the next page