10 questions to ask your EX to avoid the same kind of goodbye

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Break ups are becoming more common these days and most of the time, many different couples go through the same kind of problems and situations which ultimately lead them apart. So what should be done to avoid the common errors made in a relationship to have the next one more healthy and long lasting? The key is to talk to your ex. If you did not end up enemies forever and can still talk to each other then this can be a great idea to have a better relationship. Make sure you get honest answers.

1. What went wrong?

So many times it happens that you drift apart from your partner but you do not know the reason. There is a strong lack of communication and you feel distant with each passing day. In the end, you two just try to finish it because “it is not working”. Well, now is the time to ask what actually went wrong. Why did you two have so much difficulty in asking that basic question?

2. Was your love real for me?

A straightforward question that will answer so many things all at once. Ask your partner if they loved you truly all that time you we together. This seems unimportant but in fact, it will be very useful to you. This way, if you get an honest answer, you will know how true love differs from the one that is just a fling. So that saves you from a lot of trouble in the future as you will know all the tricks already.