10 Quotes To Remember When You’re Overthinking

Z Posted 9 months ago
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3. Meditate

I've tried meditation and it has done wonders for me! Meditation seriously helps take the edge off and focus on the positive energies of life. Be by yourself, in any space that's comfortable for you, and meditate. Take long and deep breaths, release all of the negativity in your mind and ONLY focus on the positives. Life's too short to focus on the negatives.

If you have difficulty meditating by yourself, there are plenty of good meditation centres all over the world with good coaches who teach in classes. There's always help in the world for those who need it.

4. Stay busy

People tend to overthink more when they're alone and doing nothing. If you have a habit of overthinking, try not to just sit around and left alone to your thoughts. Involve your mind in something or the other. If you have to think, think about work, think about that one project that you need to finish, just keep yourself focused on the things that actually matter and need to be done. Keep yourself busy with family, if you sit alone for too long it's not good for you. Keep yourself surrounded with the people you love, the people who care for you and have positive energies to share with you. The key here is to occupy yourself with anything positive.

5. Stay away from negativity

And by negativity, I mean negative thoughts AND negative people. Actually, negative people are more harmful than negative thoughts. If you have a few friends who seem to do nothing else but bring you down, try not to be around those friends for too long. Bad people bring out the bad in people. Negative people are so lost and dead inside that they can't control themselves and they just HAVE to make other people bitter too. So keep a healthy circle of friends and stay away from those who carry bitterness and negativity with them, you know who I'm talking about.

6. Reassess your circle of friends

This is a continuation of my last point. Our friends are a big part of our personality and growth, they play a huge role in what we are and who we become in life, through their gestures and memories. You may become an overthinker if one of your friends already is, because we adapt a lot of things from our friends involuntarily. Now I'm not saying that you leave that friend, I'm saying try talking to that friend and fix the problem they're having. I repeat, keep a healthy circle of friends. And if you have a friend who's nothing but negative all the time, talking isn't going to work there. It always hurts when friendships end but some friendships are actually damaging for you and it's better to leave them. - Continue reading on the next page