10 Reasons that forced her to break up with you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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2.  Being A Control Freak – Such a Turn Off

The more you cage a bird, the more it will try to escape. Women are no less of a bird themselves. When men act too controlling in a relationship, it makes women feel claustrophobic, like they have no self-dignity. This forces them to dump the man almost immediately, when they feel like their wings are being cut off.

Some men do it subconsciously but still, it is a major turn-off for women. Demanding too much from their female partners also leads to breakups. Everyone has their limits, after all. Why wouldn’t women?

3. Financial Depravity

When men force their female partners to give them their earnings, it leaves them crippled as to their independency. This makes them a victim to the infamous 'self-inferiority complex' – not something they can hide under for long so they simply call it off.

4. Sexual Domination

If men sexually dominate women, they will be dumped. After all, sexual independence is as much important as social and cultural independence…perhaps even more so.