10 Reasons that forced her to break up with you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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5. Ego

Despite their very diverse nature, the element of ego – in majority of men, if not all – ruins relationships with women. That ego becomes a cause of silence between couples and hence more misunderstandings. Before you know it, she is gone.

6. Lack of Respect

“He is just so arrogant”, say a lot of women before dumping their men. Lack of respect and common blatancy on the part of men makes them lose major points with women, who like to be appreciated as much as men.

Some men do it inherently, without cruel intention. But still, once the game is played, it makes them lose points.

7. Don’t Be a Closed Book

Being very reserved makes women dump men with a blink of an eye. Only some are patient enough to stick around and force open the pages of a closed book that is men. Due to their reserved nature, men can be hard to understand and not all women like a challenge; some would happily have her man tell her things straight out without her having to dig them out of her male partner. If men are locked in their shells of reticence, women might come to see that as a sign that men are not interested in them. This makes women walk right out the door, no questions asked.