10 Reasons that forced her to break up with you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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It does not mean men are genuinely careless but just that women like to be told things clear and straight out. It would be nice to simply talk about things rather than have them forced out of your partner all the time. Sure, being a closed book is intriguing. It can also be tiring at times. Women like it when their male partner expresses emotions, raw.

8. I Don’t Need Your Support

As per custom, men are brought up to believe they are the bread earners of the house; they have to be the wall for their women in a relationship – the stable ones. On the other hand, women are born nurturers. When men push women away as they give men a safe emotional platform, it definitely makes women feel unwanted.

This feeling of emotional isolation makes women dump men. Accepting emotional support does not make men any less of a man; women would prefer that at times, actually.

9. Too Many Rules

An excess of rules and regulations set by men makes women view them as highly conservative, hence becoming an inevitable reason for women dumping men.

10. Stubbornness

Not adhering to ideas women present gives off a negative impression of men in a couple. A woman will most likely dump the man if this happens.

Ladies, talk to me

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