10 reasons why being with that person with a big heart will fix yours

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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When it comes to dating, we’re all probably a little shallow at the beginning. We just search around for the hottest person we can find. Some will do it subtly, some very openly. And some will admit to it, some won’t. Once we spot that one person, the one who just stands out from the entire crowd, we start forming the delusion that their perfect looks will automatically equate to a perfect personality. We hope and pray to catch their attention somehow, to make our move, and to find a way to actually get them to date us.

We have these expectations that their hotness will make us forget that one person who broke our hearts once, we start believing that their good looks will be the perfect revenge towards our partners. But the truth is, once that initial attraction is over, once you actually talk and get to know this person you had been fantasizing about since forever, then all they can give to you and all they can do to make you happy is to have a big heart. So, if you actually want to be happy and if you actually want a reason to forget your past, then look around for just this one person - the person whose smile is the brightest, the person who makes everyone happy and the person who has the biggest heart.

Here are 10 reasons why this person will be perfect for you:

  1. Their love is endless

In most relationships, it feels like the love just keeps on fading away with time. Our lives get so busy with our jobs, with all those money issues we’re trying to overcome, and with making a name for ourselves that we tend to overlook this person who we loved so deeply once. But when you’re with a person who has a big heart, they won’t let the realities of life come in the way of their relationship. They won’t make it a matter of pride to ignore their partners or to treat them badly.

What they will do is love you with all their heart, no matter how much time has passed, no matter how many problems you face and no matter how busy they get.

  1. They can find happiness in the smallest of things

You don’t need to buy them the most expensive gift or arrange a surprise trip to another country just to see them happy. A simple kiss on the cheek or a romantic good night message is all you need to make them smile. And living with them will give you a new perspective on your life too. Their smile will be infectious and you’ll learn to be happy at the simple things in life. Continue reading to next page