10 reasons why being with that person with a big heart will fix yours

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
  1. They are genuine

When you’ll tell them about your worldly views, about the things you love, about your family and friends, you’ll see them staring into your eyes with genuine interest and excitement. You’ll want to tell them the tiny little details of your life and take them on a ride to the deepest darkest corners of your mind and heart.

  1. All your joy and all your pain will be theirs to share

When you feel like you’re happy and on top of the world, they’ll make you even happier with their amazing reactions. They’ll plan the most amazing surprise on your birthday and give you the best gift on getting your dream job. And when you’re down, when life isn’t treating you so well, they won’t just leave you to get over it yourself. They’ll be there through thick and thin and will do everything in their power to see you smile again

  1. They will always see and believe the best in you

When you feel like you’ve lost all faith in yourself, when no one seems to see your worth, there will still be one person in the crowd who’ll always be rooting for you. They’ll make you believe in yourself again. They’ll make you continue the effort of being a better person than you were yesterday. They’ll make you see that spark in yourself, the one that they never stopped seeing.

  1. Your parents will love them

All our parents ever want for us is to be truly happy, to find that one person who can love and take care of us the same way that they do. And when they’ll meet this amazing new person in your life, they’ll know in their hearts that their child is in safe hands. That’s exactly what will make them love your partner so much.

  1. Forgiveness comes naturally to them

Only people with big hearts have the capability of forgiving easily. They know how to empathize with people and they won’t turn small mistakes into huge problems. They’ll know how to forgive and forget. They won’t hold grudges against you and they’ll know how to let things go and truly move on. Continue reading to next page