10 reasons why being with that person with a big heart will fix yours

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
  1. They are always honest

In this relationship, you finally won’t have to be a mind reader or indulge in childish games. They’ll be open and straightforward with you in all their thoughts and actions so your relationship will be built on a foundation of trust and understanding

  1. They are considerate

You won’t ever feel like you have to put up a show in front of this person. You won’t be scared of showing your vulnerable side and letting out the real you. If you want to cry, if you want to scream, if you want to rant on about everything that’s wrong with your life, this person is who you’ll go to.

You know that anything you say or do won’t make them respect or love you any less than they already do. Their kind heart will accept every side of you, the good and the bad.

  1. They will be an amazing parent

Their big heart is always ready to give out more love into the world. So, if you two ever decide to have kids together, be sure of the fact that this person right here is going to be the most amazing parent, the parent who can give your kids the most secure, warm and loving home.

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