10 Reasons - Why Funny Guys Make the Best Boyfriends

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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If you are asked what qualities you would like in your dream guy, we bet sense of humor will be a part of your answer because it is a well-known fact that funny guys are awesome! Any girl in her right mind would love to be around a funny guy for countless reasons.

Not completely fooling around like a clown but a decent, mature sense of humor is what we all love. Here are all the reasons why we think funny guys are the best.

  1. Funny Means Witty:

If he is funny, he obviously knows a lot of punch lines and tons of other facts to put in his jokes, which means that he not only knows how to make something sound humorous but also, he is has a fountain of knowledge in himself.

That just makes the guy ten times more attractive. Moreover, it is one hell of a task to fit totally random facts in plain situations for a comic effect. If a person is able to do so, he is ultimately funny AND a genius.

  1. You NEVER Get Bored:

Dating a funny guy can be so much fun for he would never let you get bored. He would not have to make any special efforts (except for sometimes), he would just entertain you by talking to you.

Relationship with a funny guy can be exciting too since both of you would be two very active people constantly coming up with comebacks to each other’s jokes. He will also be a great conversationalist.

  1. He Observes Everything:

How does he make a Harry Potter joke if he is not familiar with every detail of it? Or how would he make fun of your relative’s hair if he does not notice it keenly?

That is the thing about funny guys; in order to be funny, they ought to observe every little thing around them and attribute its funny characteristic to a something else to form a joke. Appreciating his observation skills would be the perfect thing to do. - Continue reading on next page