10 Reasons - Why Funny Guys Make the Best Boyfriends

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Never Lets It Get Awkward:

He knows just the right joke to break the ice at a formal social event, funny enough to not hurt anyone but to receive a cheerful laugh from all around. He would never let it get awkward in parties; do not worry about awkward silences when you are with him.

You won’t even have to worry about him being ‘too funny’, he knows who comes from where and knows which joke can be hurtful to whom.

  1. Your Friends Love Him:

You would not have to try to make your friends like him because he would do it himself. He would not be scared to take the stage and make everyone laugh; being the life of the party is his thing.

Black comedy, dry sarcasm or blunt jokes, he knows everything as good as a magician knows his tricks. Your friends will also love him for they would see you laughing and grinning with him all the damn time.

  1. He Teaches You Life Lessons:

You forget stressing over things a little more every day. You start taking things lightly and learn to laugh at life because that is what his attitude teaches you. He makes you understand the hilarity in life that you did not see before, and who does not love to lead a positive life?

You also find yourself to be the true version around him because he appreciates life and openness regarding everything including emotions.

  1. He Knows Himself:

It takes a great amount of self-confidence to make jokes about oneself just to make a person laugh. He is secure enough to do that for the sake of your smiles.

He may not be the most confident person around everyone but when you two are together, you know what he is and how much he does to make everyone smile. Be there for him and laugh for him because that is all he wants. - Continue reading on next page