10 Reasons why getting involved with a married guy is a big NO

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
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Don't. Please don't. Just don't!
  1. He is never going to be truly ‘yours’

Now I’m not implying here that anyone is supposed to ‘belong’ to someone in life. We’re all independent human beings who are entitled to have an identity that isn’t solely defined by our relationship. But the problem here is that this guy will never be able to commit himself fully to you, regardless of the fact that he is happy with his marriage or not. No matter how happy you make him, no matter what kind of special connection you share, and no matter how many times he comes to you in the night instead of going back to her, the fact remains that he is a married guy. He has someone else to think about, someone who shares a more official relationship with him at the moment.

  1. People are going to judge you

While it’s true that people always talk behind our backs no matter what the situation is, you still need to accept the fact that this particular relationship is going to cause even more gossip than usual. And more often than not, this gossip will consist of people talking very poorly of you. They might not know your situation hundred percent but they know enough to think of you as the other woman and the reason behind the failure of someone else’s marriage.

  1. You can never ensure whether he’s telling you the right story

Do you find yourself obsessing and going crazy over where he might be, what he might be doing, or who he’s with at the moment? Well, prepare yourself to keep feeling that way your entire life if you don’t plan to end this relationship any time soon. Every story has two different sides and the fact that this isn’t official, the fact that your relationship has to be kept a secret at all times, will always mean that you can’t know any other side except the one he keeps telling you.

  1. You will always remain ‘a secret’

You can’t talk about him with your friends. You can’t be seen with him in public. You can’t even take any pictures together out of the fear of getting caught somehow. And don’t even begin to think about ever meeting his family or friends. He isn’t going to let anyone know about you simply because admitting to this relationship will make him look bad.

  1. You both might be in love with each other, but you’re the only who is alone

I know he really loves you. I know he makes you feel things you never even knew were possible. I know he’s going to take a stand for you one day. But when all is said and done, he just goes back home to his wife while you go back to an empty bed wishing you were with him. - Continue reading on the next page