10 Reasons why getting involved with a married guy is a big NO

Misty Renee Posted 6 months ago
  1. There will never come a time when you get to wake up next to him every day

What really is the end goal for your relationship? Do you think you can accept seeing him for short periods in the day and usually in the night or do you want a relationship where you eventually get to spend every moment of your day with the person you love? If you would go with the latter, then stop pulling yourself deeper into a relationship that holds no promises for your future.

  1. You will constantly have to make excuses for him

“He doesn’t actually love her.” “She never made him happy.” “He has so many responsibilities on him.” Yes, we’re all really sad for him but you know what? Even after all those problems, he is still married to her!

  1. He will constantly have to make excuses for himself

“I just never felt happy with her.” “But I don’t really love her.” “I have too many responsibilities.” And yet, you’re still wearing that ring on your finger!

  1. He just isn’t faithful

If he can cheat on his wife, what exactly makes you believe that he will never cheat on you? How are you different from the woman he made his vows to, the woman he decided to spend his entire life with, and the woman who still waits for him every night without questioning where he has been?

  1. Because you deserve better

You deserve someone who wouldn’t think twice before telling the entire world about how much he loves you. You deserve someone who hopes to spend all his days and nights with just you. You deserve someone who knows how to be loyal to his girl.

You deserve someone who truly knows your worth and someone who is actually here to stay. So stop settling for anything less.