10 Reasons Why Honest Women Are Too Much To Handle For Most Men

A Posted 3 months ago
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8. She’s going to speak up whenever she sees something wrong.

She’s not one to bite her tongue whenever the situation calls for it. She’s not known for sweeping things under the rug. This often leads men to think that she’s naturally combative and confrontational, and that may just be the case. She always likes to speak her mind and will not hold back when she feels like she needs to speak up.

9. She’s self-aware and recognizes her own shortcomings.

Even though she’s quick to point out the faults of others, she’s also quick to point out her own flaws. She’s honest enough to acknowledge her own imperfections and she’s also willing to put in the work to correct her flaws.

10. She’s a too real for most men.

Most men tend to idealize their women. They try to see the best possible versions of their girlfriends in their minds, and then they tend to get disappointed with the realities of their situation. Particularly with honesty women, who will never live up to idealized versions of themselves. They always like to keep it real and that can be a deal-breaker for a lot of men who are stuck in fantasies.

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