10 reasons why introverts are the best type of boyfriends

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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7. They enjoy a heart to heart moment

Unlike all the other guys you dated who cringe at the mention of anything deep or emotional, shy guys really value the fact that you’re opening up to them and can listen to you talk on forever.

8. You’ll never stop learning something about them

No matter how many secrets he has already unveiled to you, there’s always more to be discovered. It’s not even like he keeps things from people and is secretive, he’s just very selective of all the things about him that he wants to make public and when he starts to trusts you, he’ll tell you things about himself that you could’ve only ever imagined.

9. You’ll never ever suspect them of cheating

You can’t even imagine it happening, not in a million years would he willingly be insincere to you. They won’t even lie to you unless it’s a little white lie to protect you and they’ll do their best to keep you in the loop so you won’t even be able to suspect that something’s up (even though it never will be).

10. You will always be a priority for them

They’ll never be a question of putting something or someone over you and your happiness, for them you’re everything and they can’t even fathom putting their career or family over you.

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