10 reasons why it’s harder for strong women to find love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Here are ten reasons why it’s harder for strong women to find love:

  1. Strong women never settle. They have very high expectations and standards and even when they really like someone, they’ll choose to walk away if that guy doesn’t treat them right. They know exactly what kind of person they deserve and nothing in the world can make them compromise on this.
  1. These women are not scared of speaking their heart. They’re not scared of questioning another person on the lies they told or the things they did wrong. And they know how to stand up for themselves. This is also why these women are often labeled ‘intimidating’.
  1. A strong woman doesn’t ‘need’ a man. They might feel a need for love and affection in their life but they will never need a man to feel complete. Love is always a choice to them, not something they desperately need to fill their lonely hearts. They’re perfectly content with the life they have and love can only be a good addition to their life, not a necessity.
  1. A strong woman knows how to move on. She knows when to let things go and she will never be the person who begs someone to stay or to give her a second chance. And she does this because she’s always confident that she will survive and that life has something better in store for her.
  1. Strong women can never tolerate being treated like an option. They just won’t allow it! They appreciate complete devotion and commitment and anything less than that is always a deal breaker for them. - Continue reading on next page