10 reasons why it’s harder for strong women to find love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
  1. A strong woman doesn’t play by the rules, not in life and definitely not in love. They don’t confine themselves to the limitations set by the society. So don’t expect a strong woman to follow the usual dating practices or to play everything safe. She can surprise you with her bold and daring nature. And she will never shy away from doing everything in her power to get what she really wants.
  1. A strong woman knows how to face rejection. She can handle it. She’s not afraid of hearing ‘no’; she has heard it before and she might even hear it again but this won’t stop her from trying. A strong woman faces more rejection in life because she actually has the courage to go out there and ask for what she wants instead of just waiting for things to come to her. So the more risks she takes, the more rejections she tends to face. But all of these rejections have only made her stronger.
  1. Strong women tend to ask all the tough questions. They will ask a guy all the questions he always tries to evade. They will ask where this relationship stands and where the future will lead to. They will ask whether they can meet your friends and family to be more involved in your life. These women are curious and passionate about everything that life has to offer, and dating is no exception to this.
  1. Strong women have had their heart-broken before. They might act like they’re unbreakable. They might act like nothing in the world has the power to affect them. But they have fallen in love before. They have gotten their heart-broken and they do know what real pain feels like. But these heart breaks just made them wiser, and not indifferent. They still have a lot of love to give to the world, but they just want to be sure about who truly deserves it.
  1. A strong woman doesn’t need validation from the people around her. She only needs validation from her own success, her own work, her own friendships and the way she lives her life. She knows that the right person will come along when the timing is right. And she never lets a relationship define her worth or her life.

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