10 Reasons Why Less Women Are Thinking About Marriage

A Posted a year ago
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8. Drama Can Be a Turn-Off

There’s just a lot of drama inherent to relationships in general and the very prospect of this turns women off the idea. They would rather live an uncomplicated and simple life without drama on their own than have to endure an unnecessary emotional rollercoaster in a relationship.

9. The “Right Guy” is Still Out There

Women have higher standards for men now. They want their men to be able to provide for them and allow them to grow into who they’re meant to be. They no longer want to be controlled but they still believe that they deserve the best man possible for them to tie the knot with.

10. Housewife Roles Are So 20th Century

The times have changed and it’s no longer cool for women to just stay at home and be contented with a life in the kitchen and bedroom. Women are encouraged to be adventurous and explore options beyond their comfort zones. They’re encouraged to see the world and they no longer need to be relegated to the status of merely being someone’s wife.

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