10 Reasons Why More Women Aren’t Getting Married

A Posted 9 months ago
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4. Settling down is a luxury that not all people can afford.

To settle down means to be stable and steady. However, a lot of modern women do not have the luxury of being stable and steady in their lives. They are too busy trying to claw their way to the top of their respective fields, and that is why they choose to not just settle for wherever they are at the moment. Their hunger for pursuing their aspirations don’t allow for them to just settle down.

5. Marriage demands A LOT of time from a woman.

Relationships in general will demand time from the people involved. Whenever someone gets into a relationship, their time is no longer entirely their own. They will be forced to share their time and make occasional compromises in their schedule. The modern woman is less compromising than the past woman.

6. Friendships and other social networks are more important at the moment.

Some women don’t want to tie themselves down to a single person for the rest of their lives when they still have so many networks to build in the future. Friends play a huge role in maintaining a woman’s social sanity. If she’s getting the most out of her social life with friends, what need is there for a husband?

7. The concept of marriage is out of date.

The idea of marriage has been around for as long as anyone can remember. We were all taught that this was the only way to solidify one’s union with another person. However, the modern freethinking woman believes that marriage is just a social construct that she can choose to live without.- Continue reading on the next page