10 Reasons Why More Women Aren’t Getting Married

A Posted 9 months ago
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8. Mr. Right still hasn’t come along.

Another factor that goes into a woman’s decision to prolong her bachelorette status is that the right man hasn’t come along to sweep her off her feet. Some women are ready to get married, but are still waiting for the right guy to fall in love with.

9. The responsibilities of taking on another person’s problems can be stressful.

When you marry someone, you do so much more than just get a life partner. You inherit another person’s problems as well. A modern woman has too many problems of her own to worry about, and she doesn’t want a man to be adding to it.

10. Marriage is no longer a requirement for having children.

In the past, it was difficult to be able to have children without getting married. Society frowned upon single mothers who had children out-of-wedlock. Now, however, it is much easier with options like adoption and surrogacy. A woman’s desire to act on her maternal instincts are no longer reliant on marrying a man.

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