10 Reasons Why People With Anxiety Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

A Posted 10 months ago
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People with anxiety go through hell everyday and still try to smile on the outside.

1. They are their own worst critics.

People with anxiety tend to always look down on themselves because of their less-than-ideal mental states. They see themselves as a lower class of human being, and their confidence is always deteriorating. Their self-esteem is very low, and it takes a great deal for them to be able to be comfortable with who they really are. That’s why when it comes to love, people with anxiety will tend to tell themselves that they are unworthy of real romance.

2. They are afraid of any unexpected panic attacks.

Panic attacks will come and go, and sometimes they can strike at the most unexpected of moments. There are many triggers that can lead to unexpected panic attacks and one of those triggers can be social interaction. A lot of people with anxiety like to keep to themselves because being around other people can make them uncomfortable and possibly trigger a panic attack. It can be difficult for people with anxiety to go on dates without being afraid of getting nervous.

3. First dates can be tormenting to them.

A person with anxiety is always known to be drawn towards solitude and seclusion. They don’t typically like to open themselves up to other people and make themselves more vulnerable than they already are. That’s why first dates can be especially difficult experiences for them. Usually, on a first date, the people involved are trying to get a feel of each other to get to know each other better. But an anxious person may come off as unsociable and distracted because of their natural tendencies.- Continue reading on the next page