10 Reasons Why The Girl Who Likes You Is Now Thinking About Leaving You

A Posted 2 months ago
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4. She’s testing to see if you’ll miss her.

It’s the old strategy from the female gender’s playbook. They try to play hard-to-get and test whether you’re going to make the effort to go after her. She only does this because she wants to make sure that you’re going to actually put in the work in trying to win her affections. She wants to know how you are going to react when she stops acting so warm and kind to you.

5. She’s trying to protect herself from hurt.

A lot of girls like to be very guarded especially when it comes to feelings and emotions. They don’t like to open themselves up to emotional vulnerability and so they will tend to retreat into their protective shells of solitude. By welcoming you into her life, she’s giving you the power to hurt her, and she has to make sure that you are never going to do that.

6. She has a history of getting hurt by men.

If she has had a traumatic experience with a man before, then that’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for her to act coldly to you now. She knows the pain of heartbreak and she doesn’t want to be susceptible to such pain again. If she distances herself from you, it’s only because she doesn’t want to put herself in the position to get hurt once again. It’s not entirely your fault. She only needs some time to recover from her old wounds.

7. She is still in the process of moving on from a previous relationship.

Sometimes, even if a girl falls in love with you, she just isn’t ready to act on that love because she still hasn’t gotten over a previous relationship. You can consider this a blessing in disguise because it can get very difficult to date a girl with intense emotional baggage. - Continue reading on the next page