10 Reasons Why The Girl Who Likes You Is Now Thinking About Leaving You

A Posted 2 months ago
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8. She doesn’t want to suffocate you.

Girls know that guys like their freedom and they never want to feel like they’re suffocating in a relationship. That’s why they will try to distance themselves from you and give you the space to breathe on your own. If you truly want to be in a girl’s life, then perhaps you should be honest about your feelings and intentions so she knows where you stand.

9. She doesn’t want to get caught in the friend zone.

The friend zone is a terrible place that no one ever wants to get caught in. if she distances herself from you, she’s protecting herself from falling deep down into the well of friendship where there is only pain and despair.

10. There’s a third-party that’s catching her attention.

The most dreaded reason that she’s no longer expressing interest in you is because she is probably interested in someone else. It’s a sad reality, when this happens to you, you must learn to either win her over or move on.

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