10 Reasons Why The Girl Who Likes You Is Now Thinking About Leaving You

A Posted 2 months ago
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What made her suddenly become so distant?

Girls can be very complex and complicated beings. For the most part, you think you have them all figured out, but then in reality, you really have no idea about what’s going on. In one moment, you feel like things are going great and nothing could possibly go wrong; but in the next, you find yourself in a world of turmoil and coldness. There’s just no getting around it. It is always going to be difficult for boys to figure girls out. It’s just one of the many truths of human existence that have existed since the dawn of human civilization, and will persist in existence until the end of time.

There are numerous reasons that could explain why a girl you love could suddenly be acting so cold and mean towards you. Your job is to try to exhaust all possibilities, and pick out the most likely one. A lot of times, girls won’t tell you why they’re mad at you, and you have to figure it out on your own.

1. She has a suspicion that you’re just fooling around.

She questions your intentions with her and she doesn’t want to play the fool in your relationship. She may love you, but she loves herself more and she would never allow herself to be the subject of ridicule. If she suspects you of just playing around with her feelings, then she’s going to try to distance herself from you for the mean time until she’s sure that you’re not just fooling around.

2. She doesn’t think that you’re genuinely interested.

If she has doubts about whether or not you’re interested in her, she won’t be acting so warmly around you. If she doesn’t think that you have a legitimate chance of making a relationship work, then you can expect her to not be so receptive of you. If you want to remedy the situation, you can try to drop hints about your interest in her, and see if that works out in your favor.

3. She’s not sure of how she feels about you.

Sometimes, even though she really loves you, she’s not entirely sure of it. Girls always like to be sure of their feelings before they act on them. That’s why she can seem cold and distant to you, but it’s not entirely your fault. Maybe she’s just in the process of trying to figure herself out more. Just be patient and wait for her to get things straight in her head. - Continue reading on the next page