10 reasons why you should be cuddling

A Posted 3 years ago
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5. Helps End Depression

It is scientifically proven that when you cuddle your partner, your body releases a hormone called “Oxytocin”. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy and good about yourself, once you’re in the Loving arms of your partner, your body is continuously releasing Oxytocin which automatically makes you Smile and makes you forget all the bad things. Stay happy and cuddle more!

4. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

Medical researches have proven that cuddling helps you end depression, the lesser you’re depressed the More stable your blood pressure gets. And with a stable blood pressure you have lesser chances of getting Headaches and fatigues and other everyday problems. So cuddle more and stay healthy!

3. You Wake Up Smiling

Once you sleep in the comfortable arms of your lover, you wake up in the happiest state possible. When You wake up happy, you tend to have an awesome day ahead. Waking up cuddling is one of the most Awesome feelings in the world, so why wait? Cuddle!

2. The Best Sleep Possible

When you cuddle, you sleep better. Because cuddling helps your body pause the release of a hormone called “Cortisol”. Cortisol is a hormone which releases all the stressful feelings in your body. So by blocking Cortisol And releasing Oxytocin, you are at the healthiest and happiest state possible!

1. Satisfied With Each Other

Studies have proven that couples who cuddle more are tend to be more satisfied and happy with each other. They tend to trust each other on a higher level no matter where they are. And they feel a whole new level of Exclusivity with their partners that doesn’t happen with anything else. So cuddling makes you happy, keeps You healthy, and keeps you satisfied with each other, so stop reading and go grab your partner right now!