10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fight To Keep Him

A Posted a year ago
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5. Loving someone means allowing them to go free.

If you truly loved this man, and you know that he isn’t happy with you, you have to be willing to set him free. His happiness should always be your priority even if it means that he’s not going to be happy with you. Also, why would you settle for someone who doesn’t really love you? There is no shame in finding love elsewhere.

6. Fighting the unwinnable fight is unnecessary stress.

There’s no point in wasting a lot of energy in a fight that you know you are never going to win. You have to be able to assess the situation in an objective manner. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. If you really think that the situation is no longer salvageable, then it would be best for you to just walk away rather than stress yourself out.

7. It’s a waste of time.

Again, why would you ever waste your time with someone who wouldn’t be willing to give you a second thought? Your time is worth so much more than a doomed relationship. You need to be devoting your time to things that increase your value as a person, and this relationship is definitely not one of those things.- Continue reading on the next page