10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fight To Keep Him

A Posted 9 months ago
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8. You will come off as needy and obsessive.

You never want anyone to see you as a needy and obsessive person. You need to start learning how to be more independent and strong. You need to be able to stand on your two feet like a modern woman. You can’t let a man or a relationship define your sense of self-worth. You are definitely worth more than just your relationship. So learn to pick yourself up even after you’ve been knocked down.

9. Trust is difficult to recover once lost or broken.

If a betrayal of trust is a case in your relationship, do yourself a favor and just move on to a new one. Trust is not something that could ever return back to normal once it has been compromised.

10. There may be collateral damage.

You never know when the destruction of your relationship is starting to affect the people around you. Your friends and your family may be hurting as a result of your dysfunctional relationship, and that is something you should always take into consideration whenever you’re deciding to still fight for it or just let it die.

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