10 reasons your second serious relationship is better than your first

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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5. The sex is infinitely better

Science has spoken. According to research, women tend to have a better capacity for multiple orgasms with age. As for men? They tend to be less self conscious in bed with experience. So, there really is no getting away from this fact; sex only grows to be finer with time and experience.

4. You know the importance of communication

Our need to communicate with another human being is inescapable. And to be able to articulate our needs and desires is crucial to any relationship. In your first relationship, you may not be recognisant of the craft or importance of good communication with our partner. Discussions pertaining to how the day was spent are not the only things that a good conversation make. According to a research, being able scratch beneath the surface and have in depth conversations makes a couple feel more connected and stimulates the same brain signals as sex.

3. You know honesty is not overrated

Your first time around, you may let your partner get away with concealing aspects of his/her life. You may turn the other cheek while he/she decides to be dishonest with you, whether it is the little things or large ones. But as you advance into your relationships, you learn the anguish and misery that such acts bring. And your second time around, you are determined not to settle for a deceitful partner and relationship.

2. You grasp the significance of commitment

This works in close association with maturity. If an individual is invested in a relationship, he/she will show markedly distinct signs of it. In your first relationship, you or your partner or both may not be fully aware of the meaning of being committed to a relationship. It doesn't only mean calling when you say you will, or showing up on time to a date; but also seeing your future with each other, and setting up goals to reach that future.

1. You know your worth

You have seen the world, you have come to terms with yourself, and your standards have now been raised. And if, in the past, you settled for less than you deserved, you don't any longer, because you now know your worth.