10 RED FLAGS in relationships

A Posted 2 years ago


This red flag is one of its kind (which I have personally witnessed a really close friend go through). It is like the best and the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Such people would initially go out unrealistically out of their ways to do things for you. They would leave their friends and family just to be with you.
Nothing in their lives will ever exist without you in it, how ideal does that sound? But wait! Here is when it all comes tumbling down. No human would give more than they receive, eventually. They would soon start expecting you to do the same. Anything that they feel has even slight importance for you in your life will eventually become a problem for them. Naturally when someone gives up everything for someone they only have that one person now and they become extremely cautious about losing that person to someone or something.

Remember, it’s always good if your partner is striking the balance in his life.


As high as I am on privacy there are times where these small acts can really help you tell if your partner is hiding something or not. You shouldn’t go all Desperate-housewives on him/ her, reading messages or secretly logging into Facebook accounts to keep a check. All you need to do is observe your partner’s behaviour when you are in the room and he/she is chatting with someone. Does he get uncomfortable? You should talk it out with him, calmly. If he values you and wants you not to feel that way, he will let you in himself. If he retaliates and makes a fuss about privacy and that he has his own life etc, Be careful!
I needed clarity in a two years old relationship once; all I had to do was ask him who he was chatting with. It baffled him completely. I knew something was wrong that day!