10 RED FLAGS in relationships

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As small as it seems to be.
This is one of the best fore-telling red flags in a relationship. Regardless your partner is a man or a woman, crying on every small thing tells a lot about the person’s nature.
Not that crying is bad, it’s absolutely normal to cry from time to time for men and women, both.
It only gets alarming when your partner cries whenever it’s their fault or whenever you confront him.
Crying usually is an easy way out of things for such people. I know this because I have dealt with this, seen this again and again. To avoid conflict, to not be blamed for something they did wrong. How?
Well, it’s easy, what do you do when a person is crying his/her eyes out... You let the thing go.
If that’s how every conflict ends in your relationship either get use to letting things go or let this person go once and for all.


Never ever take things your partner does for- granted and let yourself be taken for granted as well.
Everything you do, even if it is the millionth time should be appreciated and if not appreciated at least shouldn’t be taken as your DUTY. Make it clear to your partner that whatever you compromise on or do, you do out of love and respect for them. Once your partner takes you for granted there is a long list he/she will have of the things you never did for them. You will always be too much of that or too less for this.
You will always feel incapable and insufficient and that’s not how you are meant to feel.


You have just read everything you needed to know, yet still in your heart you want to be clearer. So here is what you do! Sit back, take a deep breath. First of all, know that you’re going to be fine no matter what happens. Things will go on, that’s how it works so don’t be scared of thinking out loud at the moment. It’s just you who’s listening. Clear your mind completely and just take the name of your partner. As soon as you do that, what’s the first thing you feel? What’s that instant feeling you get? If it’s love, happiness, care... You shouldn’t let go. If it’s hurt, sorrow, fear, frustration... it’s time to let go.

It really is that simple.

Talk to me, what red flags have you seen?

Have you seen similar red flags in past experiences? Tell me about them in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!