10 RED FLAGS in relationships

A Posted 2 years ago


Red Flag Alert!
Even if you two are in that honeymoon phase, insulting someone inappropriately or belittling someone is a huge red flag for something that might happen in the future. People who do not respect others will eventually act the same way with you. At first you might feel you can take it just because you love your partner so much but everyone’s patience runs out at some point in time and then everything is too ugly and hurtful to even try working on.


As small as it seems to be.
This is one of the best fore-telling red flags in a relationship. Regardless your partner is a man or a woman, crying on every small thing tells a lot about the person’s nature.
Not that crying is bad, it’s absolutely normal to cry from time to time for men and women, both.
It only gets alarming when your partner cries whenever it’s their fault or whenever you confront him.
Crying usually is an easy way out of things for such people. I know this because I have dealt with this, seen this again and again. To avoid conflict, to not be blamed for something they did wrong. How?
Well, it’s easy, what do you do when a person is crying his/her eyes out... You let the thing go.
If that’s how every conflict ends in your relationship either get use to letting things go or let this person go once and for all.