10 relationship mistakes all guys end up making

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
  1. Not contacting her enough.

Giving her space and freedom doesn’t entail that you stop calling her altogether, that you stop taking initiative in making plans to meet her, or you stop making her one of your top priorities. You can never be too busy to make time for someone you love. And if you’ll keep making her feel like you are, it won’t be long before she will start doing the same to you.

  1. Saying ‘I love you’ too early

‘I love you’ isn’t some magical statement that has the power to resolve all the issues you’ve been having with your girlfriend or something that will make each and every one of your relationship problems go away the minute you say it, or even a tool you can use to keep your woman on lock down. The only time you should say these words to your girl is when you really, really feel it.

  1. Getting bored

When you’ve been with someone long enough, you start to get bored. Bored from your routine. Bored from the sex. And even bored from this one person who has been with you through it all! Instead of settling on this boredom and letting your relationship rot with time or worst yet, going out and finding something/someone more exciting, what’s needed at times like these is to think of ways to bring your relationship back to life and to put in all your efforts towards bringing the passion and excitement back. - Continue reading on next page