10 Relationship tips people forget

A Posted 3 years ago
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Funny how we forget the simplest of things.

You know what the most fulfilling and complete feeling of accomplishment is? It's being with someone even after years of ups and downs and still being able to share the rest of your life happily with them, a strong and long term relationship is an accomplishment in itself. People often forget the simplest of things when it comes to being with someone, and that's where the downs start happening, it's very important to reassure yourself and to do whatever you can to make your relationship that much more stronger than yesterday. This is going to be an article on ten basic relationship tips people often forget, let's begin.

10. Forgive your past

It's almost impossible to forget, people often say "forgive and forget" but they don't think about what you had to go through and how impossible it is to forget and let go of the past, you can't. but what you definitely can do is forgive the past and you'll slowly help yourself in forgetting it. Think about your past, about the things that have had a very strong impact on your mind, think of the people involved in that impact, don't think of them in a resentful way and forgive them. It's not going to be easy, it's not going to happen in one day, but it will make you feel much lighter when you finally forgive your past.

By forgiving your past, you're going to make your own relationship very strong because the triggers that once hurt you can't hurt you anymore. Whenever you'll think about the past, you'll smile because you've forgiven it.

9. Apologize

When you're in a relationship, it's very important to throw things like "ego" and "self righteousness" out the window. If you make a mistake, directly or indirectly, save yourself and your partner the agony of another argument and just apologize. It doesn't take much to apologize, just say you're sorry and MEAN IT! We are all human, we are bound to make mistakes because we are just made that way, none of us are perfect. Making up for your mistakes will only tell your partner that you truly respect them enough to come clean and to accept the fact that you did something wrong.

8. Don't pass judgement

You're in a relationship with someone else, not with yourself. You have no idea how their past has been on them or what they had to do to get here. You can't judge them in any way, shape or form. Give them enough space and respect to make their own decisions and then respect their decisions and enhance them. You're in love with them, you have to make them understand why they love you so much every day. Support them in their lives, however they want to live them.