10 relationship truths every woman needs to know

A Posted 2 years ago
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Every woman needs to know these.

Living in the society we do, we’re force fed ideas and belief systems. Unconsciously we are molded by everything that goes on around us. Consequently we grow used to them, and fail to see the wrong in them. Some of us lose the ability to see beyond what we’ve always been taught or made to believe. And those of us who dare even think let alone do anything differently face numerous difficulties. It’s virtually impossible for someone to be themselves and to go after what they truly desire.

When it comes to relationships, we’ve been brought up thinking that only when you’re with someone, you feel complete; otherwise something will always be missing. And that being in love creates dependency and so on. Women particularly tend to get carried away with these ideas and set unrealistic expectations of their relationships.

They need to understand that relationships play out very differently in real life than fiction. And it’s absolutely normal to think and feel against the norms set forth. You can shape your relationships along with your partner the way you see fit.

A few realities about relationships that women should know are as follows:

  1. The only person capable of saving you is YOU!

Unlike the movies, there isn’t going to be a knight in shining armor to save you from your demons. You are your own savior. You can’t depend on anyone, including him, to catch you every time you fall. Just like you’d like for him to be capable of taking care of himself, he’d prefer the same from you. If saving you is all he ever does, the relationship won’t be fulfilling for either of you. So may be lay off the whole damsel in distress bit and learn to take care of yourself. He can only be there for you when you need him, but you alone are responsible for your life and happiness.

  1. You cannot be anyone else’s saviour

If you’re responsible for yourself, so are they. There’s only so much you can do for someone. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon them in times of need. Be the unwavering support they need. But remember, it’s up to them to help themselves. The urge to keep them safe from everything comes naturally, but you need to realise that they need to take care of things themselves. And it is essential for everyone to face the difficult times to grow as a person.

  1. Recognise the difference between being supportive and agreeing

Just because he doesn’t agree with you on something does not mean he wouldn’t support you. You might not be on the same page with him, but it shouldn’t keep you from being there for him when he needs you.

For instance, you might think that a certain career path isn’t the best choice, but if it’s something they’d love to do, you should do your part in helping them get there. Similarly, if there’s something you want and he’s not particularly a fan of, he’d still be on board with it just for your sake.