10 Relationship TRUTHS We Often Forget

A Posted 2 years ago
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Words to live by.

If only people came with a rule book of relationships, life would be so much easier and happier!
I guess we all have to go through the ups and downs of a relationship to be able to learn some great lessons. The ones who take it like a sport, take it positively and work on them, succeed. Others, who lose hope too quickly, lose their partners as well.

I am no expert, but I have faced many things in the relationships I have faced and have learned some amazing lessons and, honestly, I couldn’t have understood these lessons if they wouldn’t have happened to me. So, yes! Somewhere in my heart, I am glad I went through hell so I could cherish and truly embrace the peace and love I have in my life now.

I am sure a lot of you are going through that hard time as well and that is the way to give you hope and a possible solution to your relationship, here is the gold I have earned from all the heartache and heart breaks.

1. Be consistent and constant in your effort to appreciate your partner

No one likes to stay in a relationship where they don’t feel needed or appreciated. It is important that you continuously make an effort to make your partner feel special. As the relationship grows older, we think to ourselves that we have done enough to prove our love to our partners, but remember, it isn’t about performing one big stunt, it is about being consistent with small efforts!

Consistency is the key to any and every relationship. Treasure every moment you spend with them. If you genuinely feel this way, it will start to show through your actions.

2. Strike A Balance, you both are equals

Throwing yourself at someone’s feet will get you nowhere with them. Or expecting them to do the same for you will end up you being alone, sooner or later. Do not learn this lesson too late in you relationship. This one leaves you broken. Either it will make you regret the way you completely gave yourself away to someone or it will make you regret your ego and your arrogance.

You can’t put either one of you in second place all the time. Soon, one of you will be the only one trying to make things work till you cannot anymore. Don’t reach that point because from then onwards, the only way to survive is to part ways.

3. Stop working against each other, start working together, towards something

Unnecessary criticism, taunts and fights spell 'breakup!'. Take all of that energy, that you would waste otherwise, and put it to a good use. Save the taunts and criticism and try and understand your partner’s point of you.

Be constructive and less sarcastic, which we all tend to get when faced with something utterly despicable. Make your partner feel comfortable so they know you both are on one side. Talk it out, don’t scream and don hurt each other’s egos.

4. Your past might hurt but your love is greater than that

It is a common problem of a relationship, we all get jealous, super-insecure and often jealous of our partner’s exes. Stop involving your pasts in every fight you both have. They tend to cause many more misunderstandings. Don’t forget that you met them this way, only. You had the option to continue or to let them go, if you chose to continue it then you are responsible for not eliminating it from your own thoughts.

We forget that we all have baggage, we all have a past and we all have to let go of it to be able to love freely. Your relationship is going nowhere if you can’t let your partner’s past go.

5. Forgiving is a favor you can do to yourself

Don’t hold grudges and don’t let all that anger and hate destroy the love you both have worked so hard for. Let go and forgive things. Trust me, opening your heart and forgiving someone will only make you happier.

Sometimes people make mistakes that they don’t mean to. Sometimes they don’t realize the effect of their action, they don't realize their actions will hurt you so much. Sometimes, they are just down right stupid. But that’s called being human. We all make mistakes and in the end, if you really see them learning a lesson, forgive them and accept them, if you can.