10 Signs He is not interested in being a Relationship, Specifically With You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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We, as humans, take support of lies when we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. We wrap the actual reason up with a bunch of short-term lies to protect ourselves from the embarrassment and the other person from heartbreak. That is not the right way as it hurts the feelings of the person who is lied to later. Discovering lies instead of being confronted with the truth absolutely brings greater pain. If a guy does the same i.e. he seems disinterested in you but does not say it to your face, you can confirm it by some signs.

If he does all these things or most of them, it might mean that he is not interested in you but does not want to admit it.

  1. He Stops Trying:

He is not the guy anymore that he used to be. He is not the same person who tried too hard to get your attention and get you to like him. Bringing roses, chocolates, good morning and good night texts are not there anymore and it is only you who planning dates and hangouts. If it goes like this, he might have lost interest that he once had in you. He might have just found out that you two are not compatible.

  1. Less and Less Time With You:

When you see him spending free time right in front of you and he does not ask you to go out or to do something fun at home then it is a sign too. He prefers spending his free time with his friends and puts little to no effort in making plans with you. There is obviously no point in being in a relationship where the attention and care from both sides is not balanced. - Continue reading on next page