10 signs he might be the one for you

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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  1. He doesn’t get out of bed without sending you a good morning text

This sounds like a very small gesture but it’s a gesture that shows you’re the first thing on his mind when he wakes up. Extra points to your guy if he adds in his message that he had a dream about you.

  1. He lets you know how beautiful you are even when you feel like you aren’t

And he actually means it as well. Whether you just got out of bed, or came home after a sweaty workout, or just lying at home all day with your old sweatpants on and without any makeup, he’ll keep telling you how gorgeous you look. He is the one person who sees you for who you truly are and he loves you for all your flaws and imperfections.

  1. He makes sure your seatbelt is tightly fastened every time you get in a car with him

This doesn’t necessarily imply that he’s a rash driver. It just means that he’s always looking out for you and he’s not willing to take the risk of you getting hurt.

  1. He surprises you with flowers or chocolates or maybe even a note

Some guys believe that the only way to make their girlfriends happy is to give them expensive gifts. And I’m not denying it! Everyone likes getting gifts, but a sweet and thoughtful surprise tends to go a long way. Whether he leaves you notes just to tell you how much he loves you or brings you flowers just to see you smile or runs over to your place with your favorite chocolate when you’re upset, all these gestures will show you how much he truly cares.

  1. He isn’t with you just for the intimacy

Okay, of course he’s human. He has needs. He has desires. But his love for you will always overpower his lust. He knows his boundaries and he respects you for them. - Continue reading on next page