10 Signs that You’re the Sensitive One in a Relationship

A Posted a year ago
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Do you find yourself being emotionally affected by certain situations MORE than your partner does?

Not all relationships are created equal. And within relationships, not all individuals are created equal. We’ve all seen relationships wherein the parties involved don’t necessarily share similar traits and characteristics. All too often we’ve seen couples where the boy and girl are essentially polar opposites of each other personality-wise, and yet they’ve managed to make things work. That’s perfectly normal. The key is in finding a middle ground between your differences and establishing a foundation of love there that you can build over time.

For some couples, there can be disparities between levels of sensitivity. Do you find yourself being emotionally affected by certain situations more than your partner does? That’s perfectly normal. More often than not, there will always be one member of a relationship who is more sensitive than the other. One will always end up being more emotionally vulnerable and more empathetic.

How do you know if you’re that person? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you’re the more sensitive one in a relationship.

1. You Have Exceptional Attention-to-Detail When it Comes to your Partner

You always like to pay attention to the little details when it comes to your partner. You remember dates, memories, old anecdotes, favorite movies, songs, restaurants, and a whole bunch of other seemingly useless information. It’s natural for you to know all these things about them because you care that much. You like to put meaning into these things and you attach sentimental value to them.

2. You’ve Had Multiple Ugly-Crying Experiences

You’re sensitive and you’re emotional. You cry. But you don’t just cry like how beautiful actresses or actors do it in the movies. They cry too elegantly and perfectly. No, you don’t cry like that. You ugly cry. A lot. You end up crying so much when you’re in front of your partner, you start to rethink your life decisions. Maybe they’ve seen you cry so many times, they’re practically over it. But you, being the overly sensitive being that you are, are concerned about it.

3.You’re Uncomfortable with Making Decisions that Concern your Relationship

You don’t like taking the reins in your relationship because you’re afraid your decisions might lead to disaster. You don’t want all the blame to trace back to you, so you leave yourself out of any decision-making processes. They don’t even have to be major decisions. Making choices about where to eat or what movies to see scare the socks out of you. You just don’t want to end up making a wrong decision, and so you avoid taking the lead during any instance at all. - Continue reading on the next page