10 signs that you’ve found THE ONE

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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You meet this random person at a party you didn’t even want to attend. You get to talking, you feel like there’s something about them, something that makes you want to meet them just once more. So you ask them out, you go on a few dates together, get to know each other better and every time you meet, you can’t help but think that this might be it, that this person might be the one you didn’t even know you were looking for.

It’s not often that you’ll come across someone who’ll make you think and feel this way so if you’ve found a person who has most of the following qualities, then hold on tight because this person is the one for you!

  1. You’ve never felt this attracted to anyone in your life

It’s in the way they smile at you, the way they get so passionate when they’re talking about their work, the way they play unknowingly with their hair and the way they laugh so uncontrollably after telling you the silliest joke. Anything and everything they do makes you want to stare at them, listen to them talk all night long, do anything to make sure that smile never leaves their face. *Continue reading to next page*