10 Signs He’s Seriously In Love With You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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When it's true love, you'll know, you'll just know.

It is easy to develop feelings for the guy you are dating but takes a while to understand if he is on the same page as you. Because of the initial confusion, shyness and fear of giving you a lot to expect, he might not say it out loud but there are some things that he might do to make it clear to you. Here are ten signs that the guy you have developed feelings for (or not) is seriously in love with you.

  1. There’s Only You:

Whatever little contact he had with his ex-girlfriends and crushes, he ends it naturally because for him, it is all about you now. It is a different matter if his ex happens to be his co-worker but otherwise, he would indulge himself in only one serious relationship that is with you and put off all the old flames. When we genuinely like someone, all our confusions and old, unstable connections seem to not matter anymore.  That is how you will know that he has, somewhat, started seeing you the way you see him.

  1. He Cares About His Impression On Your Family:

When you tell him about your upcoming family dinner, he seems ready more than hesitant. It is him saying that ‘I think it’s high time I meet them’. He dresses up formally unlike some guy who does not give a damn about what your family thinks about him. He stays his true self around your family and refrains from foul play because that is what a good boyfriend would do. His love for you keeps him disciplined and interested in your family and the stories they have to tell about you.

  1. You Have Met People Close To Him:

You have met his best friend and the whole group, his favorite cousin and all his family. That is one way to know that you have made your way into his heart. If you were just a fling, he would not bother introducing you to the people he is close to. It seems like he is almost certain that you will stay a part of his family now and that it is like an inevitable reality now. He takes you as his plus one to family weddings and is proud to be seen holding hands with you. - Continue reading on the next page