10 signs you should trust the guy you’re with

Z Posted 2 years ago
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It’s hard enough to trust people with material things, even harder when it comes to feelings. With the kind of society we’re living in, most of us don’t trust easily anyway. When placing your trust in someone ends up in disappointment too many times, you refrain from doing so.

Love makes you do silly things. Even when you’ve learnt the don’t-trust-so-easily lesson countless times, you’d trust the guy you’re with in a heartbeat. One shouldn’t rush into something like this. Because once trust is broken in any way, the relationship would wither away in no time. Any relationship needs trust to survive.

Let him earn your trust. If you see any of these 10 signs, you can go ahead and trust him.

1. He doesn’t mind your inquisition

He never dodges any of your questions, simply because he has nothing to hide. And he wants you to trust him, blindly. He understands that you’re just trying to get rid of your doubts, and nothing more. He has no trouble having an honest conversation with you; he doesn’t need to keep anything from you. Just don’t give him the third degree! He might not complain, but it can be a bit annoying.