10 signs your relationship is stuck in a gray zone

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Ever had that deep conversation with your significant other, at the end of which, you both find yourselves unable to define your relationship?

Mostly when we hear about the DTR concept, it seems weird. But truth be told, it’s as true as it gets. When you define-the-relationship, i.e. DTR, only to end up with no concrete idea of what you two are doing in the relationship, where you stand in terms of it…it’s a sure sign you are in that gray area of your relationship. The reasons can vary. Though there are some common signs to tell if your relationship is stuck in a rut in that gray zone. Read on to find out.

  1. Bland communication between the two of you

There is always one thing or the other holding you two back from properly communicating with each other. What will she think of me? Will he try to change my mind? Unless you both connect easily and talk things out freely with one another, your relationship is home to lack of understanding.

  1. Your partner doesn’t give you enough time

When you both know exactly where you stand in the relationship, nothing will come between the two of you spending quality time together. But when your partner bails out on you almost regularly, they don’t realize the worth of having to spend some time with you. That’s because your relationship is badly stuck in that gray area; they don’t see the need and value of giving their time to you and in turn, to the relationship.

  1. They don’t like it when you tag them on social media

When your partner expresses strong disdain after you have tagged them in pictures or something else on social media sites, it’s because they aren’t sure yet of what you mean to them, where they stand with you in terms of your relationship. And so, being at that personal zone where they feel comfortable at you telling the whole world about them…that isn’t likely to happen when your relationship is stuck in a rut. - Continue reading on the next page