10 signs your relationship needs some urgent care

A Posted 3 years ago
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A healthy relationship means a healthy life.

Nothing is ever as it seems. You may think that since your partner isn’t complaining about anything and neither are you; your relationship is going great. You could be wrong. There could possibly be something bothering you, but you keep brushing it off thinking that it’d probably go away. Similarly, your partner might be noticing things that they decide to ignore as well. There is also a chance that you might not even realise there’s something wrong even when it’s right in front of you.

When we’ve been in a relationship long enough, we tend to take it for granted at times. You need to constantly nurture it. We forget that relationships don’t last without any effort. With this in mind, try to notice the little changes there might be in your partner and yourself and how they’d affect your relationship.

Even if your relationship is seemingly fine, following are a few things if present, say otherwise.

  1. The relationship is good as long as you have your way

Sure it’s great to have things done the way you like them. But a relationship isn’t just about one person. Why should they have to submit to your will when they might want something entirely different. You wouldn’t like it either if you were in their place. It just says that you’re not even acknowledging them as an equal partner. If you keep at it, you’re pretty much driving them away.

Try to do things differently. Create an environment where you two can talk about what you both want. Be open to what they want, and let them have their way for a change. As long as it makes them happy, you’re doing it right. 

  1. You keep to yourself

Keeping to yourself would mean keeping them out. You can’t possibly have a viable relationship without communication. You can’t expect them to understand you or what you’re going through unless you let them in on it. You’re only creating unnecessary distance which will harm the relationship. Feelings ought to be renewed every now and then, and what you would be doing will only cause them to fade.

  1. The fear of losing them, because that would mean losing what they bring to the table (literally!)

You can’t bear the thought of breaking up with them, not only because you love them, but because when they leave, their things go with them as well. And you’ll never be able to spend time at their place, or see your mutual friends and the list may go on. You need to reflect on your relationship if losing such things supersedes losing your partner. If their presence or absence doesn’t make much difference then you have a lot to fix. The only worrisome thing about a break up should be that you want them in your life and that you’d miss them when they’re gone, most certainly not what they take with them.

  1. You don’t take out time for them

Although you’re with them a lot, but you’re not present. You’re always busy doing something on the side. Either you’re on your phone or your computer or just about anything. Even though it’s ‘their’ time, they are not your focus.

There might be times when you just have to get things done, but then it shouldn’t become a routine. When you’re with them, they should be your focus. You shouldn’t be constantly consumed by anything else.