10 Signs You’re An Option, Not A Priority

A Posted 10 months ago
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8. You are always finding yourself defending your partner.

You make excuses for your partner’s bad behavior because somehow, you still want to believe that they don’t mean to be rude to you. However, you should just face the facts and accept that you care more about this relationship than your partner does.

9. They make you wait and they don’t value your time.

Time is a gift, and it is a valuable one at that. If another person deliberately wastes your time, then that means they don’t consider you a valuable commodity in their life. You are someone they would willingly disrespect and you shouldn’t tolerate that at all.

10. You are unhappy with the relationship.

If you are unhappy, then something is causing your unhappiness. Most likely, there is something wrong in the relationship, and you need to figure out your next course of action. Is it really worth saving a relationship that makes you unhappy?

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