10 signs you're in a committed relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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You're in the best relationship!

What does "true commitment" mean? Does it mean to say "I love you" to one another? Does it become committed when you move in together? Or when you make things official with the family? True commitment means much more than that, it has a more pure meaning than that, it doesn't have any standards or levels, but once it comes - it stays. Here are ten of the most common signs that you're in a very committed relationship with your partner. Let's begin.

10. Time shared is always time remembered

When you're so in love with each other that you share a tremendous amount of time with one another (without ruining each others' social lives, mind you) and you think about each and every second you spent with each other after every hangout, that's where commitment comes in. It tells you that the person is much more involved in your life and you will enjoy each other's company for years to come without the element of "boredom" ever making its way between the two of you. 

9. Intelligent conversations, always interesting

When you're in a "committed relationship", the conversations never get old or boring. Whether it's about work, or friends, or family, or just plain everyday routine, every conversation keeps on extending without the two of you knowing. The concept of "OMG, look at the time" happens, when the two of you get so involved in the conversation that you actually forget how long you two spoke, such a relationship is bliss, sheer bliss. 

8. You think about each other before making big decisions

A committed relationship means that you are responsible for a lot of things, also the other person's well-being. When you're truly in love with one another, you will always think about them before making any major decisions. For example, and this is purely from my own life, I was thinking about getting a new office for the business. Now the way it is between the two of us is that we meet almost every other day, so I wanted to make sure my new office is near her place so I'll always be close when she needs me. Getting a new office was one of the biggest decisions of my life and I didn't think twice when I saw a nice property near her place. Some people might think that such gestures will go unnoticed, they don't. 

7. You enhance each other's social lives & circles

This is something that demarcates a committed relationship from a weak one. I've mentioned this numerous times before that you simply CANNOT lose your own life because of the person you love, you can't forget your friends and you can't just give everything you have to your partner, your own "personal time" and social life is very important for your own integrity and your partner should know that. In a committed relationship, the two of you will try everything to enhance that. You will be nice to each other's friends, you will make sure each of you spend enough time with friends, because that's how we all grow - together.

6. You "mutually" plan a future together

A committed relationship is one where both of you plan a future together "mutually". I've seen so many relationships go down because people had different opinions about the future, some wanted to get married, some wanted to grow together and be more successful before getting married, there is a lot to think about before you start talking about the future and when the two of you have the same mindset about the future, you're truly committed to each other.