10 signs you're just forcing your relationship to last

A Posted 2 years ago
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Don't force things to last.

Relationships are hard to maintain, some work out till the end and some fail no matter how two people work on them. This one is for those of you who think you're living a lie, those of you who think you're "dragging the relationship" or are "being dragged with someone". This is about the harsh realities that all of us have to face at least once in our lives, the harsh realities of the fact that we don't always get what we want no matter how badly we may want it. If your relationships matches more than three signs, you need to sit and talk about it and see where it goes.

10. You fight constantly over measly and petty issues

Two people who care about each other and respect each other tend to ignore measly problems and small issues for the love of their partners. They have a lot of patience for their partners and they don't want them to get into any arguments with them, they try to avoid arguments with everything they have. But when a relationship is dying, people lose their level of patience and they don't think twice before fighting over the smallest of things.