10 Signs You’re Not A Psychotic Girlfriend, You’re Just With The Wrong Person

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Don't let anyone call you "psychotic" and get away with it. It's NOT OKAY!

Most girls I know have grown up to believe that they can never escape the destiny of becoming a ‘psychotic girlfriend’. And why is that you ask? Because they’ve been led to believe that every single thing they do out of love, every small gesture they do for the person they care about and any demands they have when they’re in a relationship is just unreasonable bullshit. So they’ll try to act like they’re cool and they don’t care.

They’ll act like their guy’s indifference has no effect on them. But when their mind and heart keeps disagreeing with these actions, they’ll just assume that they’ve gone crazy. They’ll embrace it. And they’ll start believing that being ‘psychotic’ is just a part of their personality. Here are some of the reasons why a girl is considered psychotic in a relationship, and reasons for why a lot of relationships don’t work out.

  1. She doesn’t like it when her boyfriend didn’t text her back.

But why the hell are you not texting her back? She’s your GIRLFRIEND!

  1. She doesn’t like it when her boyfriend ditches any of their plans.

You made plans with her. You had a commitment. Why is she never a priority in your life?

  1. She goes through his phone

Who is he always texting? Who keeps texting him at 2 in the night, and why won’t he just let you see his phone to end your suspicions?

  1. She gets upset when her boyfriend doesn’t answer her calls

He has his phone with him 24/7, and you know for sure that he’s not at work. Then what exactly is his excuse after the 5th missed call? - Continue reading on next page