10 signs you aren’t in an actual relationship even though you think you are

Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship, when all of your thoughts are clouded by how much you love your partner, and when you just can’t seem to think rationally about things, then it becomes hard to judge if your partner actually is on the same page as you. You tend to turn a blind eye towards all the warning signs, the signs that are just screaming at you to notice how things aren’t exactly working out. You tend to form delusions about how perfect your relationship is. And you tend to ignore the people who try to tell you otherwise, the people who are just trying to look out for you.

Stop acting irrational. Stop letting yourself get blinded by love. Stop making up excuses for why things are getting weird. And even if you have the slightest bit of doubt about your relationship, then don’t ignore it and take a look at these warning signs to confirm if your relationship isn’t actually as great as it seems in your mind:

1. Just one of you is interested in discussing the future

When you’re in a committed relationship, then you tend to have a mutual understanding or some kind of discussion about what lies in the future for both of you. This doesn’t have to happen at the very start of a relationship but if you have spent even a couple of months together, then some indication of what the future lies for your relationship should be present from both sides. You should know whether your partner considers you a permanent part of their life or a temporary one. You should know if they actually take your existence into consideration before taking important life decisions or not. And you should know if all the effort, time, and commitment that you’re placing in this relationship will ever amount to something.

So take out a moment and try to recall all the conversations you’ve ever had with your partner. Think about that time you hinted at some plan in the future and remember what their reaction was. Think about the decisions they had to take about their life and whether they ever tried to include you in them. Think about whether they’ve ever talked about having you in their life in the near or distant future. If all those thoughts just made you feel like your partner always avoids questions about the future, has no consideration of this relationship in terms of their life plans, and has never talked about spending more than the next few days with you, then they’re probably not in it for the long run. – Continue reading on next page