10 signs you’re not as happy in your relationship as you pretend to be

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Stop pretending.

When was the last time you scrutinized your relationship? Are you actually happy with how it’s going or are you just keeping up with it for the sake of it? We become so habitual of certain things that we never even stop and think them over. When it comes to relationships; so many of us tend to believe that over time things are bound to change. It is true; but that doesn’t mean that the feelings should fade. You should feel equally happy in your relationship even after years from when you first started out.

Following are a few signs that tell you it’s just not the same anymore (stop ignoring them!);

 1. They’re suddenly more annoying:

Lately anything they do or say just ticks you off. And by anything I mean anything! Even if it’s insignificant, you just seem to lose it. Although you had no trouble overlooking the little things previously, you just can’t put up with them anymore.

You may force yourself to believe that it’s due to them or they’ve changed in some way; but maybe it’s because you just don’t feel the same way anymore.

2. Those little displays of affection seem to have completely vanished:

Remember how you had this constant urge to hold them and kiss them for no reason? You no longer feel it. You might convince yourself that it’s normal and it was going to happen eventually. In fact; even if they’re the one being affectionate towards you, you don’t really like that either. You don’t want the embraces or kisses or even the hand holding to last longer than necessary. You couldn’t get enough of them at one point and now everything feels a little too much. Wake up already! Something is actually wrong.

 3. Out of sight; out of mind:

Initially you wanted to spend most of your time with them; this has gradually changed for no apparent reason. Sure you need your space; but that doesn’t mean cutting them off completely. Even if you’re not together, you’d normally long to be together. If not; you probably don’t want to be together at all. The distance doesn’t bother you anymore and you don’t feel the need to keep in touch either.

 4. You keep yourself occupied, ALL THE TIME:

Be it work, or some class you’re taking, or your friends or a hobby; you never seem to have time for them. When you’re done with your excessively busy schedule you naturally need time for yourself. And you don’t even feel guilty for ignoring them. You’d rather be busy with your life than having to deal with them.

 5. The term privacy has lost all meaning to you:

The things they might’ve once told you in confidence have become a public affair. It could be their deepest darkest secrets; things they themselves have trouble dealing with or any number of things. You find nothing wrong in sharing them with your friends. After all; your friends are the people you share everything with, it doesn’t matter if it’s something regarding your partner. The privacy of the relationship no longer remains.