10 Silly Habits That Seriously Damage Your Relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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I wish I knew these before...

Never underestimate the damaging powers of seemingly "small" silly habits that happen from day to day. Things that seem minor or even "funny" at the time may slowly be leaving a mark on your partner without you even knowing about it. Here are ten of the most common silly habits that are damaging relationships everyday, see if you mistakenly do any of these. Let's begin.

10. Avoiding talking about problems

The first one on the list is the most common of all, people often avoid talking about problems to avoid further argument and fights, they fail to see that by avoiding the talk they're actually creating more problems for each other. Whenever something happens between the two of you, make sure you thoroughly talk it out, make sure every issue regarding the problem is dealt with and talked about and make sure you give proper closure to the problem. An argument or problem ignored is actually the cause of an even bigger fight in the future, don't take it lightly.

9. Pretending to agree

Never pretend to agree with your partner, agree only if you mean it. If you give them the wrong idea about yourself, you'll lead them into a completely different state of mind where they will start expecting much more than you can give. Be truthful and honest, if you don't agree with something they're talking about then just say it, don't pretend to like something just because they like something. The key to a great relationship is always being true to the person you are, that's the only way you can be true to the person you're with.

8. Poking fun at them, a little too much

It may seem fun at first, but it can very easily start hurting someone if you keep at it without thinking about the other person. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. When you want to be funny, make sure you're careful with your words, because you may just take it as a harmless joke but that same harmless joke might have a trigger for someone else. A trigger that connects to some brutal incident from their past that instantly brings them back to those horrible days. So make sure you're very careful with your words, words can never be taken back, even if you never meant to hurt someone with them. - Continue reading on next page